The house on a golf course


Two apartments at ground and basement level were combined to create this spacious and full of light retreat. Of the two original staircase only one was kept and massively redesigned, the other one is a light well to provide natural light to the lower level.

The space at ground floor is continuous and runs around a central core where the services are condensed, allowing the the external light to flood the living spaces.

An Apartment in Chicago


The great feature of this apartment is the amazing view on the river and on the lake. Oddly enough the original layout did not allow to appreciate this amazing potentiality. The new layout creates a great open space area fully surrounded by the light.

An Apartment on Top of Milan

This vast apartment comes with a roof terrace with an a amazing view of Milan city center. The refurbishment has reorganized the master bedroom and decluttered the living room. The roof terrace has been fully redeveloped adding a canopy, a small pool and a deck at different levels that allows a multiplicity of uses.